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Dami is a 50plus blogger and writer, who uses daily living plus her travel and hiking experiences to inspire others to make life the best it can be no matter what your age. Dami chooses to see every day as an adventure in discovering the extraordinary in the world around her. Her book “Walking Gone Wild, How to Lose Your Age on the Trail” encourages women over 50 to develop vitality and a new take on living through walking and hiking. Learn more about Dami at https://www.transformation-travel.com/

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  1. Barbara Kipfer

    Hi. I’d like to know what you mean by “intermittent walking activities” in the charts (p 195) of Walking Gone Wild. Thank you.


    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for asking. Intermittent walking activities are any walking you do as you go about your day: walking around the house, your place of work, in your garden as you work there, steps you take down to your mailbox, even a quick walk to your nearby grocery store. Any walking that’s not part of an official walk!


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